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Cast Iron Bath Tubs

The most expensive bathtubs are made from cast iron, which is also coated with a layer of colored porcelain enamel. Cast iron surfaces present one of the biggest surface repair challenges. These tubs are made by pouring iron in a molten or liquid form into a mold which defines the shape of the finished product. The thickness of cast iron makes it heavy and provides outstanding durability. The porcelain thickness is often greater than on cheaper porcelain steel tubs.

Cast Iron Bath Tubs

Repair of cast iron tubs generally consist of repairing scratches or chips on the porcelain surface. The MTP Quick Glaze System with Poly-Filler can be used to perform a repair. Since they are sold in standard bath colors, it is generally possible to find the correct color repair coating.  Check our Product Color section to select the correct color.  It is very important to assure good adhesion of the repair filler and coatings to the cast iron surface. The surface should be etched prior to applying the Poly-Filler and Quick Glaze System. Use Etching Cream in combination with Quickprep Primer to achieve maximum adhesion of the filler and coatings.

adhesion of the filler and coating