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Foam Support

Our 2 pound general purpose foam can be used in tub bottom inlay applications to stop movement only and assist in building strength in conjunction with an inlay or solid reinforcement repair. Never use Foam as structural support alone when repairing cracks!  Works great to stop squeaky tub and shower bottoms by itself. It's also excellent for insulation and floatation applications for marine and other. Part A, Part B, equal mix 2-3 oz. each Part will create a foam area about the size of a basketball or close to a cubic foot. Poured alone onto the floor should rise 3 inches. Sold as pour foam or injection foam kits. Not recommended for setting tubs due to, too much rise.

Our 5 pound foam is the only recommended tub/shower installation pour foam by bath ware manufacturers. Mix, shake, pour onto the floor and set the tub. Superior for tub bottom injections in conjunction with inlay application where the gap between the tub bottom and floor is minimal. Due to its high density, it expands up to 2/3 the volume of 2 pound industrial grade foam with a 1.5 - 2 inch rise. Sold in dump kits, injection kits, and pour kits. The choice between 2 lb and 5 lb foam comes down to: Space being filled? Density? Setting a tub/shower? Or floatation?

Note: Through development of the perfect foam for bath tub bottom rebuild applications, we tested to prove that foam produced over 5 lb density would not rise to meet the general height of most gaps found in bath tub/shower combination units. 6, 7, and higher lb density foams contain less air trapped in the foam’s bubbles causing less rise. These will be harder foams and they will not rise to a functional application of tub bottom support.