Acrylic Resin Paste Hot Tubs-Spas-Steam units

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Product Description

Acrylic filler for critical repairs on Spas, Hot Tubs, Shower Steam unit shells and structures, where water is present on the surface 24-7. Spa repairs require a filler to fix the damage or defect. The filler will be sprayed over with a coating to match the surface color and texture. This acrylic based compound will not absorb moisture and water like polyester body fillers bondo and bath tub putties. Where water is present continuously, automotive spot fillers and epoxy will retain moisture causing the repair coating to peel. This product matches the acrylic chemistry for a permanent repair with unsurpassed bonding to polyester fiberglass, polyurethane and most plastic polymers.      

Acrylic filler components:

  • White filler Component A
  • Clear hardener Component B
  • Kits available with stir sticks, mixing cups and gloves.

NEW Improvements!!

Multi-Tech Products has improved the formulation and performance of this proven filler technology with:

  • Cross linked chemistry!!! (Cures harder)
  • Better UV stability.
  • Better viscosity for application. Higher viscosity (thicker) Less air entrapment.
  • Excellent cure times with little tackiness. Can be worked or machined quicker.
  • Expanded Surface bonding possibilities.

Now improved adhesion to ABS, PVC, Vinyl, PU, and Metal.

Note;  The old product will be compatible to the new formulation. There will be a noticeable difference between the old Component B hardener and the new. However, the two mixed together will still cure out. The older component B may yield a slightly longer cure time by a few minutes.


! WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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