Injection Pour Polyurethane Foam Kit (A-B Components) 2 Lb Density

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Product Description

This 2 pound general purpose foam can be used in tub bottom inlay applications to stop movement and assist in building strength. Never use as structural support alone when repairing fractured structures. Works great to stop squeaky tub and shower bottoms. Excellent for insulation and floatation applications. Part A, Part B, equal mix 2-3 oz. each (Part "A" & "B") will create a foam area about the size of a basketball (or close to a cubic foot). Poured alone onto the floor should rise 3 inches.

Each injection kit comes with instructions and includes the following:

  • Part A and Part B, in quart or gallon kits.
  • (6 ea.) 16 oz. dispensing bottles with Yorker lids for quart kit.
  • (20 ea.) 16 oz. dispensing bottles with Yorker lids for gallon kit.
  • NOTE: Dispensing bottles and Yorker lids not included in 5 gallon kit


! WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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