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  • Cloth
    $9.00 Cloth
    3/4 ounce Fabric Cloth. Fiberglass cloth is best for panel repairs and reinforcement were heavy strength is not required in applications such as fairings, panels and access panels. For general FRP repairs and reinforcement...

  • Fiber Glass Mat - 50" Wide
    $9.00 Fiber Glass Mat - 50" Wide
    Standard mat is excellent for general reinforcement repairs. It is easy to tear by hand for feathered repair edges, it also has excellent absorbing properties and will swell in size and depth with the addition of resin...

  • Stitch Mat (Combination) - 50" Wide
    $12.00 Stitch Mat (Combination) - 50" Wide
      One side 24 oz. woven roving Other side standard mat Combination mat has the strength of woven roving and the swelling characteristics of standard mat. Excellent for those challenging structural repairs, tub bottom...