Acrylic Bath Tubs

Acrylic products boast a beautiful high gloss finish, and are resistant to abrasion and fading under normal use conditions. Acrylic is a good insulator, so water stays warm longer. They are easy to clean and are colorfast. Exposure to sunlight can cause some fading of colors. Dark colors will fade the most. Minor scratches can be sanded, buffed, and polished to renew the original luster.

Acrylic Bathtubs

Refer to the MTP video on Buffing and Polishing.


Acrylic Bathtub WhirlpoolMost jetted bathtubs are produced from continuous cast, cross-linked acrylic sheet. Non-jetted bathtubs can be the same acrylic, lower-cost extruded acrylic, gel coat/fiberglass, or other plastic material. Continuous cast acrylic has superior properties to meet the requirements for a bathtub or shower.

These products utilize a pigmented (colored) sheet that is from .100” to .250” thick, which is thermoformed to the desired shape, and reinforced with FRP or other reinforcing material.

Cast acrylic is used in this application due to its high-gloss, thermoformability, and chemical resistance. However, it is subject to damage from impact, etc.


Acrylic Bath Tub Shower ComboCombination (one-piece) tubs and showers are also in the marketplace. Acrylic units are distinguishable since they have an integral top.

The MMA and Quick Glaze systems are designed specifically to repair acrylic. These systems can repair cracks, chips, burns, crazing, and other types of damage.

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Multi-Tech also supplies materials to replace (tub inlay) an entire bathtub floor, and to reinforce the bottom using polyurethane foam.