Structural Repair Instructions: Our Structural Repair Kit instructions can be downloaded by clicking here.

Plastic (acrylic, gel coat, etc) spas and bathtubs are normally produced as a composite product. It will consist of a surface material to provide good aesthetics (sometimes as two layers) and a reinforcing material to provide the mechanical strength of the product. In addition, other materials, such as wooden supports and polyurethane foam, are often used to add strength to the product. When the integrity of these reinforcing materials is sacrificed, the structural strength is reduced.

This frequently requires procedures and materials to re-build the structure.

Fiberglass and Resin Application:
fiberglass and resin application

Structural Lip Damage Requiring Reinforcement:
Structural lip damage requiring reinforcement

Structural Damage Producing a Hole Requiring Repair from Inside the Unit (Reverse Mat) Repair:
fiberglass and resin application