Quick Glaze Basecoats

Standard Bath Colors:
There is a very large number of different colors that have been used over the past twenty years to produce bathware; especially, when one considers the variations created by over one hundred manufacturers. Therefore, MTP has found it necessary to define a list of standard colors. This list includes standard products for acrylic and gelcoat bathware.

Acrylic bath tubs are generally produced from products from two sheet manufacturers, Lucite(R) or Aristech. It is helpful to know which manufacturer supplied the OEM manufacturer, and their color description for the product. For a list of standard bath colors and manufacturers please click here.

Standard Spa Colors:
Most spas are produced from sheets made by one of two manufacturers. Standard color offerings change from year to year based on trends in color and effects. Multi-Tech Products offers repair kets for current standard colors, but has the capability to prepare kits for many obsolete colors. Please provide as much information as possible when placing your order so that we can select the right repair kit components. For a list of standard spa colors and manufacturers please click here.

Basecoats are available in ALL acrylic sheet & spa/bathware manufacturer colors. Please be sure to verify color, solid, pearl or marble when ordering.

If in doubt or you just have a few questions, please call (800) 218-2066 or email us at orders@multitechproducts.com to place your order.

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