Cultured Marble (Simulated Marble)

Cultured Marble Bath Tub / ShowerCultured marble is a man-made product, manufactured from crushed limestone and polyester resin, with a surface made with a high quality clear gel coat resin.

The gel coat is formulated to produce a tough, durable, transparent surface resistant to normal wear.

The process produces a unique range of colors, patterns, and veining. Since the surface is gel coat, it is prone to the same problems as gel coat/FRP tubs.

Also, cultured marble products have been known to crack due to expansion and contraction caused by hot water. This phenomenon is called thermal shock.

Note: Harsh abrasive cleaners should not be used on the surface.

Cultured Marble Vanity TopTo maintain luster and make cleaning easier, mild polishing compounds will remove simple scratches and stains.

Multi-Tech’s Buffing and Polishing compound can be used. Gel Coat can also be used to repair these products.