Color Updates

Color Updates by Manufacturer
As we keep up with industry color changes, we try our best to keep you informed. It is our recommendation that you keep stock of old and new colors as to be ready for that repair when needed, especially when old and new colors overlap in production. Sometimes the manufacturer will not inform us as to a color change. This is where we rely on the repair professional to note changes in color as to keep us up to date. If you see a consistant color difference in our materials, especially on a high volume color, we would like to hear from you, for this could prompt the question; Has there been a change in color or raw material supply?
Known color changes:
Aquatic Bath (Formerly Lasco Bath ware) Recent White Gel Coat color change for all factories. All other pastel colors have stayed the same. As well, all acrylic colors have stayed the same.
1-1-2013 Aquatic Bath has had a color change in their white gel coat color. The actual white color has shifted from a yellow/red shade to what would appear as a brighter white. When the color is compared from old to new, the new will have more of a gray cast to it, especially when applied to the old color’s surface.
Color history and ordering of Aquatic Colors:
New Current Gel Coat White Color January 1st, 2013 New MTP order number GCAIWT-(Size) = Aquatic Bath Gel Coat White.
Prior 2013 back to 2003 Lasco-Aquatic White GCLACW-(Size)
1996 to 2002 Lasco GCLANE-(Size)
2011 Aquatic ran GCAIVSWT-(Size) for approximately a year.
2005 Yelm White GCLAYWT-(Size)
2004 Winter Formula White GCLAWWT-(Size)

Through the years, Lasco Bath ware/Aquatic Industries/Aquatic Bath ware has experienced some normal supplier changes, and slight color changes to their gel coat white color. Although there has been one basic color change now, 2013. The gel coat supplier changes have yielded color differences in several ways. Being 5-6 different factory locations, colors have varied due to multiple suppliers sourcing for a few or partial locations.

Each gelcoat supplier color interpretation can differ slightly in color although the color may be in spec. This causes problems for repair, one supplier’s gel coat may not match another supplier’s in spec gel coat. At times, one factory location gel coat may not have matched one of the other factory’s gel coat, causing color match issues for repair pros. Other inherent issues can occur in gel coat fabrication and manufacturing, such as effects caused by seasonal change and ambient working temperatures in production location.

Due to chemistry adjustments for climate and factory working times, additive adjustments to the gel coat formula can yield a slight variation in the final color. Although their color variations have not been severe, part to part, factory to factory parts would match when placed side by side. The challenge has always been for repair color match. Understanding this, we have archived 6 different choices from our archive of color standards over the years. We highly encourage repair professionals to become adept at color shading and toning.

2014 Updates:

Praxis Company acquires Bathcraft in Valdosta

The plant that was in Wilson named Carolina Classic is also now Bathcraft owned by Praxis

Praxis also owns:

  • Aquarius
  • Hamilton
  • CD Comfort Designs.

 American Standard owns:

  • Safety Tubs
  • Crane Plumbing
  • Fiat Products
  • Eljer

Jacuzzi Brands:

  • Jacuzzi Hot Tubs
  • Sundance Spas
  • D1
  • Hydro Spas
  • Jacuzzi Baths

Masco owns:

  • Aqua Glass
  • Delta
  • Watkins
  • Hot Springs Spas
  • Caldera Spas