Gelcoat Spa/Hot Tub

Gelcoat Spa / Hot TubDuring the 1970’s, several marine (boat) manufacturers began producing spas/hot tubs using the same materials they used for boats. The U.S. spa market was born. However, it was soon learned that gel coat/FRP did not perform well when exposed to hot, chlorinated water for long periods.  This outdoor application, with exposure to sunlight, showed the product to chalk, blister, and color fade. Gel coat spas were a solid color, and were not available in the myriad of colors, effects, and textures currently popular.

Today, gel coat spas are rarely seen in service. However, surface defects can be repaired with the Quick Glaze or Gel Coat systems, or the entire surface can be replaced with the FRL system.

Refer to the Product Color section to select the correct color, effect, or texture. Bathtub refinishing products are not recommended due to the harsh environment of a spa. Please refer to the Quick Glaze procedure or Gel coat procedure for more details.