Multi-Tech Products Corporation provides a broad spectrum of surface repair materials.  Although the company was founded to provide repair materials for acrylic and gel coat bathtubs, showers and spas, its products can be and are used for many other surfaces such as metals, porcelain, vitreous china, countertop laminates, and other plastics.

Some common surfaces that can be repaired include porcelain coated steel or cast iron, kitchen and bathroom countertops, PVC, ABS, fiberglass, acrylic, gelcoatcultured marble, simulated marble, and ceramic tile.  The properties and variety of the repair materials makes it possible for them to be used on many different household and consumer products.  Applications include but are not limited to bathtubs, showers, shower pans, toilets, kitchen sinks, bar sinks, bathroom sinks, countertops, personal water craft, swimming pool steps, boats, snowmobiles, kayaks, and major kitchen appliances.  Please call if you have questions regarding the use of a MTP product on a specific application not listed.

Some recognizable product brands that are used in these products include Lucite®, Quarite®, Vikrell®, WeatherPro®, Rovel®, Centrex®, Endurol®, Formica®, Americast®, Idealcast, Perspex®, and Geloy®.