MMA System Description

Methyl Methacrylate Acrylic System Coating

The MMA Acrylic System® is well known among most technicians for acrylic bath ware repairs. This coating system is applied with an airbrush at 35 psi, allowed to dry, sanded, buffed and polished. Clear coating is necessary. We packaged the MMA Acrylic System® to include Toners, Clear Topcoat, Kits, bulk product, fillers and accessories. This sprayable acrylic system is designed to serve the needs of surface repair technicians in the field and in the factory. Since this is an “air dry” system, it will require the correct thinner for ambient working conditions for best spray performance. After Clear coating, buffing will be necessary to achieve that perfect repair on many surfaces. Take advantage of this proven industry repair system! Click here to browse our product categories.

Most professional surface repairs require:

  • A "Repair Filler" to fix the condition or contour of the surface.
  • A "Repair Coating" sprayed to refurbish the surface to the desired color and gloss. (This will include the addition of a clear coat necessary to seal the color spray). The MMA System is designed and intended to receive a clear coat immediately after the base coat application. This will give the repair longevity and assist the color matching process.

Choosing the Right Repair System for the Job

When selecting the proper surface repair materials, use the guide below as a general rule when performing MMA System surface repairs.

  • MMA System best for bath ware dusty factory repairs, where the surface must blend and be undetectable. Clear coating and buffing required.
  • MMA System buffs and polishes quickly in field repairs when applied in light layers, allowing to flash between coats.  
  • MMA System works well for those “hard to hide” or “highly visible” or “tough to hide” repairs.
  • MMA System best for “lip only” repairs on spas hot tubs when clear coated. Not for “wet” areas on spas unless K2000 Clear is used properly along with Acrylic Filler.
  • The Quick Glaze System is a “spray and go” coating system and can be considers as a valuable alternative to MMA System. Best for field repairs.


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