Gelcoat Products

Multi-Tech’s full line of gelcoats and support products were selected to deliver the highest quality in composite manufacturing along with providing a wide range of packaging and color selections to surface repair professionals.

We carry all major bathware manufacturer’s colors. If there is a regional manufacturer that we do not carry, let us know, or help us obtain samples. We trade product for hard to get colors. We at Multi-Tech Products are proud of our ability to match colors. Most of our colors and formulas are supplied to us direct from the original gelcoat manufacturer. When colors are not directly available, we rely on Standards from the part manufacturer. COLORS MAY VARY due to UV exposure, variations in manufacturing, variations in gelcoat compositions and promotion. You will find our colors, if not right on in color, very close to the original. This is why we offer a full range of toners. You can help us immensely if you will let us know if one of our colors is drastically off in matching.

We use Premium Gelcoats formulated to any Ashland, Cook or Valspar color. We also match colors to, Bemis, Church, Pantone Matching System (PMS) and those shown in Sherwin Williams Color Charts. Beware that these chart’s actual colors vary in shade from chart production run to run.

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12 of 34 Items