Quick Glaze Description

Urethane/Polyurethane System
The Quick Glaze coating system repairs acrylic, porcelain, plastic, fiberglass and composites while delivering high hide coverage. This spray and go acrylic system minimizes your time spent on the job sanding and buffing due to its high coverage and wetting component called Finishing Solvent. This system sprays best from a single action air brush at 45-55 psi. We offer QUICK-GLAZE® in large and small kits. Separate components, master repair kits and bulk packaging are available for volume repairs and repeat usage. Take advantage of this industry field repair system and find out for yourself that a little QUICKGLAZE® goes a long way with excellent results!  Click here to view our product categories.

Professional surface repairs require materials that will hold up in a wet surface area or dry surface area environments as

  • A "Repair Filler" to fix the condition or contour of the surface. Our Poly Filler for tubs and general fiberglass dry area repairs. Or our Acrylic filler for Spas and Hot tub wet areas.
  • A "Repair Coating" to match the surface to the desired factory color and gloss. The best appearance and longevity will require a Clear Coat application with the Quick Glaze system.

Choosing the Right Repair System for the Job

When selecting the proper surface repair materials, use the guide below as a general rule when performing Quick Glaze System surface repairs.

  • The Quick Glaze System is a “spray and go” repair coating system and is considered a repair tech’s secret to speedy perfect repairs!
  • The Quick Glaze System is best for field repairs and general surface repairs of fiberglass, plastics, metal, porcelain and other composites structures.
  • The Quick Glaze System generally does not require buffing and polishing when sprayed in most low dust or non dust environments.  
  • The Quick Glaze System best for “wet area” spa hot tub repairs with K2000 Clear and Acrylic Filler. Post repair curing imperative.
  • The Quick Glaze System as a “spray and go” coating system can be considers as a valuable alternative to MMA System where polishing is required.
  • MMA System works well for those “hard to hide” or “highly visible” or “tough to hide” repairs on decks and back walls. Buffing required.

Spray spot repair system to patch, touch up surface and cosmetic damage on many factory matched gel coat paint and other manufacturer acrylic OEM colors. Blending and melting in on quick glaze refinishing will disappear the halo edge. Great for bathtub, shower, bath, bath ware, bathware, spa, hot tub and other substrates. 

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