Cast Iron/Porcelain Sinks

Sometimes the best option for correcting a defect or damage to the surface is a repair rather than a complete re-glazing or refinishing the surface. A cast iron surface presents one of the biggest challenges to repair. It is important but difficult to assure good adhesion of the repair material to the cast iron surface. The surface should be etched prior to applying the Quick Glaze system. Use our Etching Cream in combination with our Quickprep Primer to achieve maximum adhesion. 

Cast Iron/Porcelain Sink

The Quick Glaze system is satisfactory for cast iron sink repairs, and since manufacturers offer them in standard bath colors, it is normally possible to obtain a well matched repair coating. Refer to our Color section to select the correct color. Depending on the size and severity of the repair area, it may be desirable to refinish the entire surface. Many professional repair contractors will perform this work, but it is generally not our recommendation due to the performance requirements of some sinks. This becomes a case by case situation for best option, especially for kitchen sinks.