The MMA system has been uniquely designed to meet the needs of spa and bath manufacturers. The component selection, application and drying features accommodate the need to deliver a glossy, smooth finish after being exposed to a manufacturing environment. The components are air dried and permit final buffing and polishing.

On the other hand, the Quick Glaze system has been designed to meet the needs of the professional repair technician for use in clean environments such as a private home, apartment or hotel room. This high performance system allows the products to be applied by spraying, and then left to achieve final cure. It can be buffed and polished if done carefully after complete curing.

Two fillers are available from Multi-Tech Products. A modified Poly-Filler is satisfactory for applications where the repair will not be in constant contact with water. It has been modified to improve its resistance to moisture. Standard auto body fillers are not recommended due to much lower performance in bath or spa applications. These fillers typically absorb water, expand, and separate from the repair surface. The proprietary Multi-Tech Products acrylic filler is strongly recommended for applications exposed to water, such as spas. Repair kits sold for spas will come standard with acrylic filler. Repair kits for bathtubs will come standard with lower cost, but satisfactory Poly-Filler.

Multiple choices for a clear topcoat are available from Multi-Tech Products. The MMA clear and Quick Glaze topcoats are satisfactory for bathtub repair with their respective systems. However, the MTP proprietary K2000 topcoat should be used on both MMA and Quick Glaze repairs on spas. The K2000 product is a high performance polyurethane coating that has outstanding resistance to water, ozone, and other common spa chemicals.