Granite and Quarite

Looking for an easy and effective solution to repair your granite or quarite spa?

Look no further than the GRANITE/QUARITE (Plaskolite and Trinseo) repair system from Multi-Tech Products. Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, our system is designed to be simple to use and delivers professional-grade results.

Repairing granite surfaces is a breeze with our specially formulated acrylic resin. Our repair materials come in a variety of colors and textures to match any spa, so you can rest assured that your spa will look as good as new. We offer multiple particle sizes to match the particles in your spa, ensuring a seamless repair.

Our high-performance acrylic resin filler is specifically designed to avoid common failure problems associated with polyester body fillers and putties due to hot water, spa chemicals, and sunlight exposure. To finish the repair, simply apply our protective, clear topcoat. We recommend our K2000 polyurethane-based coating for spas as it's highly resistant to the spa environment and won't discolor over time.

Please view our wide range of available colors and for more specific information on our repair materials. Don't let a damaged spa surface ruin your day - with Multi-Tech Products, you can repair your spa to an almost-like-new appearance.

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12 of 74 Items