MMA Acrylic Mid Temp Thinner

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Product Description

Optimum temperature selections based on proper working conditions sprayed 35 psi at the gun:

Mid Temp Thinner for 70-90 F Degrees (21-32 C) range spraying working temperatures.

Proper thinner selection is everything for smooth spray out. This is hands down the most frequently used MMA Thinner and a usually the first choice. Please note that other factors can force a choice of thinner selection adjustment of the product. For example; In Mid temperature ranges 70-90 F Degrees (21-32 C) a blower or heater directed at the spray area or gun will increase just that working/spraying area, making it necessary to choose the High Temperature Thinner 90 F Degrees +, otherwise the product may spray dry when these conditions are brought into the mix. The choice to use the low temp thinner in those lower temps will prove to be optimum for the best spray-out.

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